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Celebrating the Players, Honouring the Men of the Golden Age

The Golden Age of Cricket (1890-1915) is the era of W.G. Grace, Wilfred Rhodes, Clem Hill, Arthur Mailey and the legendary Ranjitsinji. It is a time of slatted pads, strapped gloves, skull caps and the birth of competitive international cricket. It is an era of athleticism and grit, wet pitches and long handled bats, the invention of the bosie and the genius of Sydney-based Victor Trumper.

The purpose of Victor Trumper Society is to promote debate about the merits of our earliest test cricketers, and to this end stage regular matches in the contemporary clothing and equipment of the Golden Age to test the difficulty of batting with slatted pads, strapped gloves and long-handled bats. We furthermore are interested in staging matches on wet or ’sticky’ wickets to appreciate the skill of Trumper and his ilk who courageously batted in the era of uncovered wickets. 

Victor Trumper Society is a unique formation in the world of cricket: we are equally as interested in the style, aesthetics and biographies of cricket’s great pre-WW1 period as we are in the raw statistics of its players. We are the only society in the world committed to staging cricket matches with authentic reproductions of the batting and protective equipment used by Trumper and his Golden Age contemporaries.